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FINALLY VIDEO RECORDINGS IN HQ during treatments!!! Our new model: Danna - A Super Hot Pro Model. You can't lose this new set, and the chance to help her with her treatments And get future updates of this set for FREE!. She came with many cavities and old fillings that needed to be changed, for her work as a model the smile is very important so she was really interested in completing the treatment, so we already started treatment. For fillings we are using amalgam, 7 new fillings!!! (7 more are needed) she is missing 1 upper premolar and 1 lower molar. She will need an upper porcelain bridge, and porcelain veneers to correct some details like spaces on her teeth, and she has some composites on incisors and she wants whiter teeth so the veneers could be the option for her, she also suffers bruxism, and her teeth have been affected for this. THIS SET INCLUDES video recordings of treatments in great quality with sound of course, the second set including video during the treatments, more than 3 hours of exclusive footage and mode on the way, check all the process of her treatment, from inspection, anesthetic, drilling, filling. PLUS UHQ pictures ¿Wanna help her out and sponsor her treatment? All money obtained for the sales of this set will be used to cover the costs of materials!

This exclusive set includes:

-81 UHQ Pictures divided in 3 sessions until now, where she gets a dental exam. She shows her mouth, teeth, fillings from each angle.

-Model Pics


-Video of her inspection and after fillings placed (2:02 min duration) divided in 3 videos.

-HQ Video with sound of all the treatments until now, 7 amalgams done, with great close-up view!! More than 3 hours of exclusive footage of 2 sessions until now!!




 The cost of this set is less than a simple filling!: 50 Dollars -All the money will be used to cover the costs of the treatments and get even better equipment, also includes all the future recordings and pictures from this model for free!!

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